Recommended Reads:Nick Quantrill’s Joe Geraghty Novels

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Broken Dreams.

Nick Quantrill’s  debut novel Broken Dreams is a cracking book.  A big shot local businessman asks PI Joe Geraghty to investigate an employee’s absenteeism and the Private Investigator is soon following a muddy and bloodstained trail through the battle scarred northern city of Hull. Geraghty, like his hometown, has taken many a good kicking and is trying to get back on his feet. Broken Dreams is realistic and romantic. It takes you by the lapels and drags you along on a gritty, gripping journey.

The Late Greats.

In The Late Greats, Joe Geraghty is hired by an overbearing musical ‘entrepreneur’, Kent Major, to babysit his possible cash cow – the band New Holland. Once upon a time, New Holland were the bee’s knees, the cat’s whiskers. Imagine, if you will, Hull’s version of Oasis, surfing the crest of the Britpop wave and then, in the blink of an eye,stagnating and self- destructing. But now they’re back together having, apparently, forgotten their creative and personal differences and are about to embark on a lucrative comeback tour. So, with his eyes on the prize, Kent Major hires Geraghty to keep an eye on the boys, so that all runs smoothly. But, of course, it doesn’t and all quickly goes pear shaped when the singer , Greg Tasker, disappears. And, inevitably,Geraghty is despatched to find him.

The Late Greats is a fast paced, page-turner, the weight of which rests heavily on Geraghty’s broad shoulders. Geraghty, unlike many of crime fiction’s messed up PIs, is an Everyman – a decent and likeable bloke just trying to get on with his life after the death of his wife. Trying to adapt to change. Something many of the characters in The Late Greats are trying to avoid.

In Quantrill’s  Broken Dreams, Joe Geraghty’s investigations allowed him to to dig into the city’s past and address its changes- both good and bad. In this follow up novel, however, Geraghty is forced to look at how people change. How some people grow up,and not always for the better, and others never do. The Late Greats, is a splendid, character driven piece of social realist storytelling which cements Nick Quantrill’s position as a crime writer with something to say

The Crooked Beat.

P I Joe Geraghty steps up to help out his brother who is in dire financial straits.However,Joe is soon under the radar of Hull’s underworld and subsequently digs up some of the city’s dark secrets. This is the third of Nick Quantrill’s Joe Geraghty novels and the best yet with perfect pacing and a great sense of place and history.

All three books are now available from Fahrenheit Press.