Portrait Of The Artist As A Consumer: Gary Crowley

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Music continues to excite and thrill me as much as it did as a music mad teen and some of my favourite songs of 2018 included….

Laville… Easy

Hollie Coo… Stay Alive

Hatchie…Sugar & Spice

Louise Distras…Street Revolution

77:78… Love Said

Tracey Thorn…. Queen

Chaka Khan, Like Sugar

Johnny Marr…Hi Hello

Paul Weller…Gravity

Old Ones: 

Listening to albums by Hey! Elastica….The Expressos…Cashier No 9….BIg Audio Dynamite….the High….Reggae Chartbusters/ Various….


I’m seriously addicted to the channel Talking Pictures TV….and absolutely love and devour it’s mix of classic movies, forgotten TV shows and occasional interviews.


Stoned …. Andrew Loog Oldham (why this mans story hasn’t been made into a documentary i do not know) …You can open this book at any page and be hooked immediately. This book form the former Stones manager/ Immediate Records head honcho is a vibrant and fast-paced trip through an extraordinary time for British Pop

Performance the 50th anniversary book… Jay Glennie….   (a sumptuous, fascinating, in depth look behind the camera with those who made the iconic film & the thoughts of those who cherish it. )

77 Sulphate Strip: An Eyewitness Account of the Year That Changed Everything…Barry Cain….so enjoyed reading this. A gripping, eye witness account form a much admired journalist who was there in the eye of the hurricane that was Punk/ New Wave.


Movies run music a very close second in my affections and these are some that I can watch again and again…

Sunset Boulevard…1950

The Apartment 1960

A Hard Days Night…1964


Radio Days…1987

Cinema Paradiso…1988

Do the Right Thing…1989

500 Days of Summer….2009

The Kid Stays in the Picture…2002

Diana Vreeland The Eye Has To Travel….2012


London never ceases to stop fascinating me. My girlfriend and i for the last couple of years spend most Sunday mornings exploring various parts of the city and discovering new places and learning new things about each area.


Italian and Japanese are my favourites but my last meal on this earth would have to be a Sunday afternoon Roast with all the trimmings and lashings of gravy!


I love reservoirs, so this is tough. I used to have a MySpace reservoir fan page. I’m going to say Light Hazzles Reservoir, mainly because of the name.

Bio: Gary Crowley is a broadcaster, TV presenter and DJ. He currently presents on BBC Radio London, My London (Saturday at 1pm and 9pm) and a music show incorporating BBC Introducing In London (Saturdays from 6 til 9pm) as well  ”GC’s Punk & New Wave Show” which is a monthly radio celebration on Soho Radio of the great music and volcanic revolutionaries of Punk and New Wave.

He’s just compiled a new four-CD and 3LP package called Gary Crowley’s Lost 80s. Not your normal 80s compilation, it’s a potpourri of Guitar bands as well as Alternative Dance and Funky/ early Rap. Stuff that was setting my ears alight during the first half of the decade., Everything from Aztec Camera to Spandau Ballet to the Pale Fountains to Grandmaster Flash via Defunkt and Pigbag and Wham and the Bush Tetras and Chic and all stops in between., As well as featuring sleeve notes from myself,  it will also feature memories from Clare Grogan,  Gary Kemp,  Annabella Lwin,  DJ Chris Sullivan,  Sean Mclusky,  Bobby Bluebell,  Nick Heyward,  Bananarama,  Gary Kemp,  Beatrice Colin from April Showers and Toby Andersen from Funkapolitan.