Poetry: My Motorbike by Ian Copestick

Brit Grit, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine



My wife often asks me ;
” Why do you feel the need to
Write so often ?  Every day
You sit there, tapping away. ”
Well, if you had, say for Example, a huge, fast
Motorbike. It didn’t cost you
A penny to ride it, and no Matter what hair-raising
Stunts you did on it, you’re
Guaranteed to never get hurt.
And if you keep practicing,
Then you never know, you may
End up being a professional
Motorbike rider. Then I’m sure
You’d ride it as much as you
Possibly could.
This is my motorbike. Watch
Me, as I slide into the bends.
In a minute or two I might
Try a death-defying jump.
Yes, this is my motorbike and
I’m never, ever going to give
It up.