A Safety Valve by Ian Copestick

Brit Grit, Ian Copestick, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine

I keep being told that people find
My poetry depressing, or grim.
To me they just don’t get it.
As I write these poems I get high, it takes
The sadness out of me. It’s like  lancing
A boil, after I’ve finished any sadness
Has gone. I am dancing again lighter
Than air. Skipping the streets a smile
On my face.
If I didn’t have this outlet, then who knows?
But thank God that I do. My poetry
Keeps me going. It’s my safety valve.

Bio: Ian Lewis Copestick is a 46 year old writer from Stoke on Trent England.
Although he started writing poetry in 2001, he only started sending them out for publication 8 months ago. In this time he has had over 100 poems and 5 short stories published. He is featured in print anthologies by Alien Buddha Press and Horror Sleaze Trash.