Paul D. Brazill interviews filmmaker Andreea Boyer

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Andree bonus

PDB: Poet, filmmaker or actress? Which of those descriptions do you identify most strongly with?

AB: I would say all, and I’m also interested and active in other work areas. I’m also the Festival Director for my Mabig Film Festival in Bavaria, Germany. International submissions to my film festival can be made online on FilmFreeway. I grew up with and I love the creativity, the writing and so every work that needs my creativity.

PDB: You’ve travelled extensively, and now live in Bavaria. How did you end up there?

AB: I was born next to the Vampire Castle in Transylvania in Romania. My mother moved with me to Bavaria when I was 8 years old and since then I have lived in Bavaria. Now I’m 23 and I love the nature here. The forests, the seas. My favourites are the spring and the summer seasons here when everything is in full bloom and green and I can enjoy the sunrays at the weekends. I guess we all agree on that. Spending time outside in the fresh air, close or in the nature, is very important for our health so I love to walk in the countryside. It also that helps me to reflect, relax my mind a bit and get new energy for my creative work.

PDB: Do you have any plans for further travel?

AB: Travels occur with projects and work so there are always travels. And I recommend everyone drinking a small glass of water with a bit of fresh lemon juice and a bit of sugar, this helps to feel energised and it’s also healthy.

Julia 17

PDB: What’s the story behind your feature film Julia 17?

AB: Julia, the 17-year-old daughter of a multi-millionaire businessman from New York City and a gipsy woman from Romania, is banished by her older brother after she live broadcasts her suicide attempt. Julia subsequently travels the world searching for the truth with her hacker boyfriend.

A mysterious director promises Julia to initiate her into the world of film in Hollywood, but instead she ends up working in a brothel in order to make ends meet.

After confronting her mother in Munich, Julia returns to New York for her 18th Birthday where she experiences another state of emergency. She decides to leave everything behind her, and she follows the director to Brazil for a new proposal and with the hope of finding inner peace.

It is a story about abandonment, inner turmoil and self-recognition…

Forgotten and ignored, real and tragic events in our society are reflected and revealed in the role of a young woman who tries to identify herself while she is facing the dark side of her life.

The story is fiction. Only the Hollywood scenes reveal some real events.

PDB: How did you meet the rest of the film’s cast and crew?

AB: My feature film Julia 17 could not have been possible without the amazing cast and crew. I worked on my film Julia 17 as the director, producer, the writer, the main character, among other fantastic actors who played main roles as well, and I was also active behind the camera as one of the camera operators. I had a specific vision and I wanted to be sure that it was filmed exactly the way I wanted it to be. The other actors who played main roles are; Wolfgang Flatz, Mikael Schallock, Ulli Lommel, and Berivan Kaya. It has been a great chance for me to bring my directing, writing and acting skills into practice. I am also the post-production supervisor and this also includes the job of choosing the right music for the scenes and working together with the editors very attentively on every moment and scene in my movie and even if it is completed, it is important to watch the result again a week or so later, and to be sure that there is no aspect to be changed and if so, then to be willing to change it. It can be a scene which has to be shorter or maybe adapt another song to a scene or switch scenes or the title format has to be changed, things like that. Once again, thanks to the cast and crew. I met them on set or during casting and I had contact first with some their agencies. The crew members have been easy to find as projects in the film world are very welcome here in Germany.

PDB: Julia 17 is available via the likes of Amazon Prime, Prime Video, iTunes and Google Play. How difficult was it to arrange this?

AB: I worked for it by the typical plan for the system. So once the films are ready for distribution then you search online for the suitable distributors and you submit your film for a view and if your film is accepted then they will answer. This takes time and effort but don’t give up and keep contacting them all.

Andreea 1

PDB: What projects do have planned for the future?

AB: I have started my Mabig Film Festival which is ready for international submissions via FilmFreeway and there are other events and other projects that I will tell you all about once those are also ready. I like to announce my new projects after accomplishing the work.

andreea 2

BIO: Born in 1995 in the shadows of the Transylvanian castle in Romania, Andreea started training in gymnastics at Romania’s best athletic school at the age of three. Andreea immediately impressed her coaches and she was thought of as the best upcoming athletic.

But instead of pursuing gymnastics, Andreea began loving the movies at age four and she started acting at the age of five in the theatre. At age eight, she moved to Germany, near Munich, with her mother, where she subsequently became a German citizen. She developed her passion for writing and painting and has since written several collections of poems and numerous screenplays for feature films.

At age twelve, she fell in love with the camera, and saw the world from there on out in a cinematic way. Andreea wrote her first screenplay about her autobiographical Gothic experiences at the age of thirteen when she discovered her passion for screenwriting. Three of her early poems have been published in the Anthology “ Novum Pro” in 2010 in Europe.

Later on, she studied filmmaking and screenwriting at ILS University in Hamburg, and she has since produced several short films.

From October 2013 Andreea worked for Campo Bahia in Brazil. She also performed in front of the camera as herself and interviewed several prominent people, like Oliver Bierhoff, the manager of the German national football team and the team’s head coach, Joachim Löw. (Loew). Among other important people Andreea interviewed also musician Abi Ofarim, who was impressed by her work and both worked together on new music.

In February 2014, Andreea founded her company, Mabig Movies, in Germany, so she can work internationally in the world of films and sales. In 2015 Andreea studied acting at Jack Garfein Studio in Paris and soon after she went to the Royal School of Speech and Drama in London where she studied Shakespeare. While in the UK, Andreea also played in Marcus Warren‘s suspense thriller, Snapshot. And after a couple of other movies, she met Mr. Jack Gilardi from ICM Partners in Los Angeles, who told her about writing screenplays for action films.

One of the most famous pianists and composers of our time, William Goldstein, composed a song for Andreea entitled “Andreea’s Three Notes.

Always continuing her passion for screenwriting, Andreea has recently finished several new screenplays for feature films, which are ready for the international market.

Her upcoming 96 minutes feature film “Julia 17”, which Andreea wrote, directed, produced and plays the main role in, was finalized in 2017 by Andreea and it has already been accepted by several international film festivals including the Headline International Film Festival where it won an award of merit, the prestigious Accolade Global Film Competition, where it won an award of recognition, a coveted honour that does not come easy. Entries to the Accolade Global Film Competition are submitted from around the world, from large film companies as well as bright new talents.

“Julia 17” is also a semi-finalist at these great film festivals: the Los Angeles CineFest, at the European Cinematography Awards in Poland, at the Hollywood Screenings Film Festival in Los Angeles and at the Near Nazareth Festival in Israel. “Julia 17” is available on Amazon Prime, Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play etc in all English speaking countries including USA, Canada, UK etc. plus in many more countries.

In June 2018, Andreea published her poetry book STAR on Amazon worldwide and she wanted to have the tone of this lyrical journal “Simple and Imperial.” This book came into her mind spontaneously, during the moment of breath between the release of her feature film “Julia 17” and her next film projects. She would love it if “STAR” penetrates your souls and awakens the creative beings in each one of you. It is her great honour to also have two significant reviews from known personalities in her book.

“STAR is a soul diary, self-compensating act…, It is the message of a young woman who does not endlessly accept counterfeiting…” – Mark L. Lester

“Love and distance. These are just two of the themes in STAR, Andreea Boyer’s haunting and provocative collection of poems…” – N. J. Burkett – American journalist and TV correspondent from New York

In July 2018 Andreea has published her second Poetry book “Humanoid or Human?” in that she included also two significant reviews from two famous personalities.

Mr. N. J. Burkett wrote: “Can we know what it means to be human by examining what is not human?… In her latest collection of poems, Andreea Boyer uses a contrast between humans and humanoids to achieve an awareness of our own, unique characteristics…”

And Mr. Ricardo Chavez – Mexican Actor and Author wrote: “This is not a regular work of poetry, it is a book that’s made me wonder about not only our humanity and fragility but also about the blessing that it is to be human in this evolutionary stage…”

Andreea is currently working in the world of films, also writing more screenplays.

Andreea started as the Festival Director her Mabig Film Festival in March 2019 and international films can be submitted via FilmFreeway to her Film Festival.