Dietrich Kalteis Interviews Paul D. Brazill

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Punk Noir Magazine hovers in the shadows of the late lamented Pulp Metal Magazine. It’s an online arts and entertainment magazine that looks at the world at its most askew, casting a bloodshot eye over films, music, television and more. There are interviews, reviews, news, poetry, fiction, micro fiction, and flash fiction.

Punk Noir’s editor Paul D. Brazill is a talented writer whose books include Last Year’s Man, A Case Of Noir, Guns Of Brixton, and Kill Me Quick. He was born in England and lives in Poland, and his writing has been translated into Italian, Finnish, Polish, German and Slovene. He’s also been published in various magazines and anthologies, including The Mammoth Books of Best British Crime.

Dietrich: First off, Paul, the new magazine really is all things noir: movie reviews, book reviews and excerpts, radio, opinions, advice, music, even poetry. And with some highly talented writers weighing in. Please tell us about the direction you have planned for it?

PDB: All of the above and a whole lot more! The world is our lobster. We are your huckleberry! I’m interested in and enjoy a wide range of things that fall under the arts and entertainment umbrella, as are most people, I think. I didn’t see any reason to limit what goes up on the site to fiction or non-fiction. We’re all 21st century boys and girls, after all.

Dietrich: What type of submissions are you mainly looking for?

PDB: For non-fiction, I’m more interested in enthusiasms. If something – a film, a song, a beer, for example- really blows your skirt up, then write it up and send it my way. For fiction, I think flash fiction works best, as do novel excerpts. Poetry in nice and punchy too.

Dietrich: What is punk noir exactly?

PDB: Both punk and noir are words that have been so overused and misused that they pretty much mean nothing now. They’re random adjectives that are regularly added in a scattershot way, so combining them allows a lot of scope for the site. No sense? Nonsense!

Dietrich: Do you think there’s a growing interest and fascination with noir and crime fiction?

PDB: In Europe, crime fiction is a massive seller, for sure – mostly police procedurals. On TV too. They’re great comforters.  But ‘true noir’ with regard to Jim Thompson, Derek Raymond, Patricia Highsmith et al, not really. As I’ve said before, crime fiction is about bringing order to chaos, and noir is about bringing chaos to order- maybe the real world is chaotic enough for most people.

Dietrich: In your own writing which has been referred to as brit grit and punk noir, you seem drawn to music and humor mixed into your writing. What is it that makes it work?

PDB: Well, it certainly doesn’t work for everyone or I’d sell more books! But you can only be your own judge. I write what tickles my fancy in the hope that other people enjoy it. And some do, if not many.

Dietrich: Who has influenced your writing over the years?

PDB: Television, songs, books, comics, films, the music press, jokes, people – a veritable cornucopia of odds and sods!

Dietrich: So, what’s up next?

PDB: Well, the main focus for the next couple of months is getting posts up at Punk Noir Magazine, and there’s some good stuff coming up too, I can tell you.  For me, I’ve stories in a couple anthologies that will be published in the next few months, and I’m plodding away with the writing, as per usual. I’ll probably have a couple more books out next year.

Thanks for the interview!

This interview first appeared at Dietrich’s blog.