Recommended Read: Isidora’s Pawn by Erik Hofstatter

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i pawn

‘Orrin is desperate to escape life’s crushing banalities. Enter Dores, a charismatic Spanish librarian he befriends on Instagram. With a gratuitous job offer on the cards, he travels to León and begins a night shift in a place where the broken and weary congregate in healing silence. The medieval library is painted with images of raw and deformed beauty, rivers of anguish, self-torment, lonely exile, and unexplained sorrows. As Orrin explores blackest shadows of the library, he discovers further paintings of dozen children riding a giant goat glowing with human vitality. He’s about to become Isidora’s pawn. You’ll see what she wants you to see…’

Erik Hofstatter’s novella Isidora’s Pawn is short and bittersweet. A haunting torch song full of unsettling and rich imagery. Lovely cover too.  Recommended.