Folk Music by Ian Copestick

Punk Noir Magazine

I’ve got a strange relationship with
Folk music. Sometimes it seems so
Square, the music of pedantic old
Academics who will argue about who
First sung a song, or which variant
Of a song came first. Then I listen to
Punk, hip hop, reggae, ragga, jazz
Anything, but then I’ll hear a song like
” Young But Daily Growing “, or  ” Pretty Polly ”
” Farther Along ” or ” Delia “and then punk,
Hip Hop and the rest of it seems so
Meaningless, immature. There’s a reason
Why these songs have lasted for all
Of these years. Like Country music
They contain real emotions that
People can relate to. A good folk song
Can bring me to tears. The best thing that
Any art form can do is make you FEEL.
Folk music does that for me.