2 Poems from Matthew Borczon

Indie, Matthew Borczon, Non-fiction, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine


My grandfather
used to
say that
when you
die you
are re-
on another
planet and 
we used 
to laugh 
at this
idea until
years later
when I
read that
have the
same theory
provable by

and now
I think
that maybe
the universe
is not
so complicated
maybe all
you need
to understand
it is
two fingers
of bourbon
after a
third shift
at the
paper factory.


You were
drunk enough
to let
me drive
your car
and I
was drunk
enough to
try even
though I
didn’t have
a license
and we
zig -zagged
the dirt
roads around
Edinboro lake
that night
past the
summer cottages
like we
had nothing
to lose
or look
forward to

you were
an English
major who
would end
up working
in computer
sales with
writing songs
no one
would ever
sing and
I was an
Art major
who would
wrap the
stumps of
soldiers in

but on
that night
we were
just two
drunk college
idiots who
didn’t care
if we
lived or
died back
before life
showed us
it didn’t
matter anyway.