‘Blue World Remix’ – Figure Walking Remix by Tulipomania and Richard Hartline by Paul Matts

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blue world

‘Blue World’ is a track from Figure Walking’s 2017 debut album The Big Other. This came out on Disintegration Records. Figure Walking are Greg MacPherson on vocals, guitars and keyboards, and Rob Gardiner and drums. Their music is a blend of blend of spiky, dissonant, post punk guitar chimes and powerful, almost tribal rhythms and punk explosions in places. The vocal delivery is passionate and resonant throughout the ‘The Big Other’, both lyrically and sonically. Social injustice is tackled throughout. There are reminiscences of Kirk Brandon on ‘Victorious’ and the addition of effective, chanting backing vocals on ‘Funeral’ (courtesy of Hailey Primrose, Izzy Goloch and Zorya Arrow) help create a tune that stands toe to toe with anything produced by the likes of Arcade Fire and Yo La Tengo.

‘Blue World’ is a standout track though. It is anthemic and celebratory in its original album form. But Philadelphia’s mood rockers Tulipomania, together with producer and engineer Richard Hartline have got their hands on it and given it a lift. The chorus, already optimistic and celebratory, has a choral element that provides a euphoric quality. The fresh, clear, spacy opening doesn’t hang around and gets to the fore-mentioned chorus quickly. A good move, as it leaves the listener in no doubt to make the most of its beauty and joy. Guitars chime, the rhythm track is hypnotic, and the vocals delivered in a manner wrapped in feeling.

Basically, to quote singer Greg MacPherson, the work of Tulipomania and Hartline…

‘lifts an already celebratory song to new levels of existential joy and transcendence.’

I couldn’t agree more.

Your summer will be better if you give this single a listen. Over and over. It was released on 7th June, on Disintegration Records, Greg MacPherson’s own label.

Paul Matts is a writer from Leicester, England. His debut novel ‘Toy Guitars’ is due to be published in 2019, and he is the author of the short stories ‘Revenge can be Sweet, ‘The Bench’ and ‘One More season’. He also writes flash fiction, including ‘Hollow Love, ‘Wedding Shot over the Wire’, and ‘Family Guy?’ His work has been featured in Punk Noir Magazine, WeAreCult and Unlawful Acts. A further novella, ‘Donny Jackal’ is currently being edited. He previously promoted live shows as 101 Productions and owned The Attik night club from 2001-2007. He was also a songwriter and guitarist in The Incurables.

Paul runs a music blog and has recently started a series entitled 101 Significant Figures. This focuses on under-appreciated individuals in the punk and new wave movement. See www.paulmatts.com for more details.

Paul Matts