6 From Melanie Browne

Melanie Browne, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine
Things heard or imagined at  Inner Space Caverns

Underneath I-35
we watch our tour
guide point a special
laser at the cave walls,
she writes her name
and draws a loop,
the lines stay
for a few seconds
and then disappear,
We stare at
the ceiling
at the hole
where they
found the cave
in the 60’s
I try and listen
to snippets
of conversation
but people are
more quiet
down here,
I only remember
a young teen
pointing at another
tour guide walking
with a group in the
opposite direction
“That’s the
guy from the gift
Earlier in the car
we listen to Audible
and learn about Neil
Moss, a caver trapped
in Peak Cavern
In Derbyshire,
bad luck and
and a stuck ladder
led to an early demise-
he might have loved
the tourist crap
the snack and gift
shops with colored
rocks and stuffed bats
I might be wrong

LBJ for the USA
inside the LBJ
presidential library
one thing glares
at me,
Alligator cowboy boots
with a presidential
I imagine Lyndon
walking across
a muddy field,
eyes forward
things in his head

not easily shared

How Horrible

Do all Writers
look in the
mirror at
3 am,
think to
“I’m a writer!-

How Horrible!”

When a plane crashes in your neighborhood
some people
talk with their
neighbors and walk
a few blocks north,
they stand awkwardly
with coffee hands behind
yellow lines of tape
some google images
and obsess over
directions and
flight paths,
horrific grinding
sounds and
but everyone
feels the change,
the air a bit
dread in your
drive to work,
your drive to

the grocery store

A Giant leap for a man

we drink
champagne with
grapefruit juice
& orange liquor,
watch old
footage of the
moon landing
from fifty
years ago
we crack jokes
about their
lack of modern
and feel sad
about all the
animals that
didn’t survive their
space flights
monkeys & dogs
chickens & what not’s
in another
50 years
all the astronauts
from the Apollo
and all
living memory
will be gone
maybe in
the future
we can visualize
them to bring
them back
and pretend
all the people

are truly one

According to a free Psychology Today Article
People who have a
fear of heights
are also likely
to have anxiety
dammit someone
has been snooping
on my Google!
listening on
my iPhone
They know about
The Royal Gorge &
my legs,
oh my legs
buckling like
under-cooked bacon
or a southern Belle
just told a tawdry joke
and they must have
seen the photos
my husband took
from the observation
deck of The World
Trade Tower knowing
I was sitting
by my lonesome
seven- months- pregnant
self  safely inside the
Starbucks praying
he would hurry
up and get the
hell back down,
on the solid


Bio: Melanie Browne is a poet and fiction writer currently living in Texas.

She has been published in various places such as Rye Whiskey Review, Philosophical

idiot, and  Pulp Metal Magazine.

Mel Brown