What, If Anything? by Ian Lewis Copestick

Ian Copestick, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine
The further I head
Down this one way road
Going past middle age
To the end of the line.
The more I find myself
Thinking of death and
What, if anything, waits
For us there. I always
Thought that there was
Nothing, but the older
I get, I wonder if I was
Wrong. It’s not that I am
Scared, dying is as natural
As living, it’s one of the few
Things we all have to face.
Reincarnation sounds good,
A brand new, clean slate,
So you can make all of
The same mistakes again.
Nirvana and just being
Dead sound exactly the
Same,  just nothingness
Forever and ever. The
Thing is, whichever one
You decide to believe in,
You won’t know which
One’s true until it’s too