Insanities Of A Different Type by Ian Lewis Copstick

Brit Grit, Ian Copestick, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine

We live in a world
Devoid of magic and
Wonder. God is dead
And nothing has yet
Replaced Him. Yet,
The world has not
Become a more
Rational place. It’s
Just that insanities
Of a different type
Take hold .Tonight
There is a huge, fat,
Full October moon
Just hanging there
In the sky. It looks
As if you could almost
Touch it. I may get down
On my knees and pray
To it. It makes just as
Much sense as praying
To anything. It makes a
Lot more sense than
Scientology, a sci-fi
Writer’s joke on the
Gullibility of people.
In fact I am announcing
Ian-ism, just send cheques
Payable to Ian Copestick
And you too may yet be

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