Such Is Life by Ian Lewis Copestick

Ian Copestick, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine

Mid 30s, mid- class blonde
Good legs in jodhpurs.
Big house with security lights
To show cobbled courtyard
Attached stable and horse for
Early morning canter, leaving
Immense piles of shit on
Public roads and designated
Walkways. Drinks expensive
Wine with gal pals, goes on
Weekend trips to Prague,
Paris, and other Euro-trash
Hot spots. She lives in the posh part of
Cheshire, paid for by gullible,
Dick- led ex-husband, Essex
Stockbroker,. Nerd near virgin
Upon meeting sexy, sex-mad,
Sex, SEX, secretary. She
Introduced him to Ecstasy and
Coke, S&M, anal and all sorts.
After 6 – 9 months of a  penis
Punishing sex life, divorced,
Dumped, and down 50 ℅ of
Earnings for life.
Mid 30s won’t last forever for her
No matter the amount spent
On Botox, surgery etc.
No one gets what they want.
Well, not for long. Such is life.

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