4 Poems by Jon Bennett

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Dealer Wins


The 21 dealer sees me staring

and glances over his shoulder

The girl comes over to him

“I’m punching out,” she says,

“see you at home.”

She’s a beauty and

works in the restaurant

“Did she say

beat you at home’?”

yells the pit boss

We all laugh but

the dealer is nonplussed

He’s got a sort of Desi Arnaz

thing going, and he knows it

He smiles

and hands me another 12

against his

one eyed jack.

Lake City


I met a lady named Stormy,

a guy named Shady

and an ex-football player named Muddy

all in the same day

Lake City has weather worries

Muddy almost made it to the NFL

but 2 helmets collided

with his hand as the baloney

in the sandwich

“Caught my hand sideways,” said Muddy,

“not flat.”

He held up his hand

and we looked at it

“They sent me to a sports surgeon in Oahu,

he fixed me up and that’s when

I decided to become a surgeon, too.

But then the same thing

happened again.”

“To the same hand?”

“Yep. Sideways, crushed it up good.

No being a surgeon for me.”

I imagined the bones in his hand

looked like those

of the dried up fish

dotting the shoreline.

As he rang me up

he looked out the window,

the water was surging,

the clouds were ripening

“Hmm,” he said,

“looks like rain

again today.”

8ft Satan


“He hid in the closet

but every hour

he’d come out,

and snap my bones

and bite my face!” said Teddy

Teddy was Pentecostal

so his DTs involved

an 8ft Satan

made of snakes

“The old men would tell me

about the DTs,” he said,

“but I never really had them

until then.”

“I’ve never had them,” I said

and looked at the jug

of cheap red wine,

“but,” I said,

“there’s yet time.”

Even Trees


Could be peaches

or plums

these trees,

all the same height

as if they had

a crew cut,

snipped leaves

reaching for

the same place

as me

these many years,

call it

the sun.

Jon Bennett writes and plays music in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. You can find more of his work on Spotify, Pandora and other music websites, or by connecting with him at https://www.facebook.com/jon.bennett.967 or https://jonbennettwebsite.wixsite.com/jonbennett/poetry.

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