Two Poems from Eliana Vanessa

Eliana Vanessa, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine

eliana 3.JPG

conversation with a dull razor


go back

to the sting

of disillusionment

you know so well,

and don’t let me

catch you

cavorting with the sacred

on this side of hell anymore—

just a reminder

that a demon, like you,

rearing its ugly head

is more sincere when left

on the corner of crystal clear

and already dead.


pussy elixir


i wanted it

to be the title

of my first collection,


but he wasn’t having it,

nor did he want to hear

my explanation,


so i hung up the phone,

and masturbated,

out of sheer frustration,



almost instantaneously,

that it still worked just fine, for me.

Eliana Vanessa is originally from Argentina and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana at a young age. She recently participated 100,000 Poets for Change (2018) and served as part of a panel of poets in The Jane Austen Festival (2017, 2018, 2019).   You can find her work online at The Horror Zine, The Rye Whiskey Review, and The Sirens Call Ezine, The Ramingo’s Porch, Ariel Chart, Beneath the Rainbow, and Fearless. Her poetry appears in two recent anthologies: Masks Still Aren’t Enough (2019) and Americans and Others (2019). She is Eliana Vanessa on Facebook at the following link: