Fear by Marvin Northcutt

Fiction, Flash Fiction, Marvin Northcutt, Non-fiction, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine

It’s amazing  the attention you receive being  230+ pounds ,6”3 and Black.

You usually wear all black,  (like the omen) , people see you walking 10-20 miles daily in combat boots,usually  fast,  regardless of conditions or weather.

You usually wear an icy grill, 1,000  mile stare .And always, always  twirl a red stiletto knife in your right hand as you walk.

It’s  funny  whoever you walk by whatever  they’re  doing , eyes gravitate to that knife   (like a moth to a flame drawn to the fire).

You watch the confusion play across their faces without fail trying to get a glimpse into my mental state, undetected.

It’s  not  the man or the knife really,  it’s what they know about themselves deep inside.

They see their mortality and how easily it can be taken away  (I’m just saying).

Some have the audacity to ask what the knife is for ?  Wow !

Some questions do not require the dignity of an answer  ,but if you must know.

First never address me directly. Big hell to the no.

But if your’e curious try me and watch the reaction. YOU BETTER DO IT QUICK THOUGH, BECAUSE  I WILL BE GUTTING YOU LIKE A FISH, SIMPLETON   (JUST SAYING).

(7:45)   THIS JOINT 30 MINUTES TO CREATE   (FEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)