New Horizons… by Mark McConville

Mark McConville, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine
New Horizons…
I wish could write myself into history
Deter the vultures in my head
And counteract the misery
Form bonds with the passionate people who choose to live.
Under all this weight of the world
I’m contemplating waving the white flag
And telling my love the truth about the fire
That burns in my eyes, the hopelessness that buries me.
Controlling the panic and pain
Takes strength and above all patience
I am tackling onslaughts and I’m attracting ghosts who crave to disarm me of peace.
The damage has cut through my defences and the exterior of my plans
To eradicate the enemy who conveys his grievances through a microphone.
Time will tell
If I make the train or the plane
To a utopia burnt into my dreams
Time will tell if my heart can withstand
The pressure of leaving behind all I worked for.
Heartlessness might prevail
As the people who I loved
Turn into greedy animals
Teeth as sharp as the edge of a knife
Voices raucous and delivering anecdotes
That bring my world down.
So Bon voyage to the poison
And here’s a welcoming smile to new horizons.
Mark McConville