Two Poems from Daniel J. Flore III

Daniel J. Flore III, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine

What’s left of you and me



dark green


stab holes


the ugly flowers



Freakin’ Crazy


I think they see me
a shard of glass stabbed through my palm
at a shattered window
freakin’ crazy
spilled pill bottles all over the floor
and a dead cell phone
half drunk
in a pile of razor blades

but I think after all these years
that’s how they want to see me
in a mental hospital gown
pissing on my unfinished suicide note
moaning and drooling

if they watched me weep
thinking of my Grammy
lying in bed
dying of breast cancer
almost thirty years after she passed
they would know me
but they don’t deserve to see that

Daniel J. Flore III