Three Poems from Mike Zone

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Advice from La Mancha

No one knows you

when you’re down

Don’t step into the ring


you know

you’re going to win

God is the only  true judge

Death comes

to rich and poor

apartment, mansion…

we’re not promised

another day

But I say to you

everyone struggles

From the goodest hearts

comes the evilest intent

be kind



Masks in the streets

Masks in the streets

the lions don’t roar

there’s masks in the streets

spilling left over contagion

from the sheets

masks in the streets

from hot summer night excursions

pornographic pandemic rendezvous

where the infected

slip and slide

in one another

thrusting towers

in secret wonderment

masks in the streets

same as it ever was

only in your face

behind dwindling daylight veils

how morning dew resembles

viral fever sweat

masks in the streets

death-rattle blues

let’s disregard folly and forget social contract lies

let’s commit our crimes at sunrise

high noon armed robbery at the food bank

dressed as Dali

masks in the streets

we’ll shoot fake healthcare workers in cold blood

spreading whatever it is around

in protest for their haircuts

and yelling at waitstaff

masks in the streets.


Nothing like the sun

Men without women

red bench- drunken sex on the floor

picking tomatoes

with migrants in the sun

daylight unhindered

in the glory of afternoon toil

observing nature sound

no sensual trickster pleasure

but the sight of  imaginary thee

free to be

but a humble friend

of the earth


Mike Zone is  a managing editor at Concrete Mist Press, the author of Void Beneath the Skin and A Farewell to Big Ideas, a frequent contributor to Alien Buddha Press and Mad Swirl . His work has been featured in: Horror Sleaze Trash,  Cajun Mutt Press,Outlaw Poetry, Piker Press, Synchronized Chaos, The Whiskey Rye Review and Cult Culture magazine.