Barren School by Eoghan Lyng

Eoghan Lyng, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine
PhotoFunia-1591000525Barren School:
How cold bricks seem without people,

Dead to the outside, as paint dries,
From the walls that called boys to learn
And girls to speak Germanic pentameters,
Fanaticism in the pure form,

How strange to see a window empty,
Of life and board and chalk and song,
Longing to belong from the lips
That a generation chimed nursery rhymes
To Apple phones over synthetic hard drives.

How silent the rooms are,
The chitter chatter that nattered
A clatter tattered group
In Beatle lyrics and soul
Has died inside the spell.

Tell tale signs of age afallen,
A pupil’s hat stoolstand creaking,
Cobwebbing, weeping, peeping,
Stairwell cares of yesteryears
And don’t you dare’s.

This used to be a tome
To learn, to love, to find oneself,
Inside the pages of a favourite book,
Look, the shadow’s moved away,
Styling the staircase in darker traits.

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