Love Is The Mind by Eoghan Lyng

Eoghan Lyng, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine

PhotoFunia-1591000525Magnifying paper glass, worming around the silver grain,

Oscilating out of touch, wilful in its soulless pane,

Grasping grass upon the gases placid in a jelly letterbox,

Filtered words in a tattered stained Goldilocks,

Slivering wildly the outer man kicks the ball,

Antony’s empire splattered against the wall,

Flourescent flames of green, orange and white,

As Union Jackets throw their water guns in spite,

The gingerbreads have a say in the right wing blues,

That robs the kangarooed working men their dues,

And they paint their lives in palettes greyer still,

Tasting the asphalt from their bittered pills,

Hill climbing dues in situated cerealed joke,

Brother, brother me in cigarette smoke,

A fishy story in cobwebbed holes,

Trump cards in a pack of thieves and moles,

And the liquid guitars shaped as pies,

Hitler’s moustache sold for lies,

A mirrored glazed potato wasted fate,

Love is the mind we wish we could hate