noir at the heart of murder by Eliana Vanessa

Punk Noir Magazine

noir at the heart of murder

there is

some kind

of magnifying glass

we put ourselves under,

a way to keep safe distances,


everybody else’s

best interest in mind,

in case

what we happen to find

is too raw to set our gaze upon,

too unsettling to experience,

too sinister to prod, yet,

too bloodied

to leave unrefined,


from behind the lens of night,

equipped with primal senses,

that, by way of no

methodological pretenses,

know just how to

zero in on, and relish,

the fresh specimen, or, kill

I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, a great place for inspiration!  I have been previously published in The Blue Nib, The Ramingo’s Porch, Sirens Call Ezine, Medusa’s Kitchen, and the San Pedro Review as well as the anthology, Masks Still Aren’t Enough (2018).  I recently participated in the Jane Austen Literary Fest (2017, 2018, &2019, upcoming) as a part of a panel of poets and currently attend various writing groups in Louisiana, including: Poets Alive, Into The Woods, and Bayou Writers.