Two Poems from Ian Lewis Copestick

Ian Copestick, Poetry

Not Fair

If there’s one thing
that’s just not fair,
it’s seeing someone
you really care
about being used
like a fancy wank,
by some dick who’s
thicker than two
short planks.
But, she wouldn’t
look at you twice,
so what’s the point
in trying to be nice.
Just forget about it
have another drink,
and another joint,
try not to think.

       Shadow People From
        Strange Dimension

I’d forgotten the fear
of walking home in the
dark. But it doesn’t take
long for my old friend,
paranoia to reacquaint
itself. A jogger just ran
past me, dressed all in
black. I nearly had a
heart attack and changed
the colour of my trousers.
I guess that all of the so
called ‘paranormal ‘ clips
I’ve been watching on
YouTube aren’t helping
much either.
I don’t believe in ghosts,
but there’s something
freaky going on. Even if
it’s just the amount of
hoaxers out there. I
particularly love the
‘shadow people’, they
scare the shit out of me.
So I try to keep my eyes
on the ground of the
dark, creepy country
paths that are my route
to get home.
Screw the shadow people,
from strange dimensions.
I’m hungry, and I want my
tea !