While They Prey by Liz Davinci

Punk Noir Magazine

In “While They Prey” there are devils – exploiters of fellow humans – selfish, greedy people existing alongside the average people, who are living their lives and playing.  They are happy and aware of the devils, but still they play – run, jump, laugh and have fun. “While They Prey” was composed in July of 2020 and belongs to the Contentment segment of Liz Davinci’s album “Pax Victoria”, set to release in January of 2021. Lyrics: Devil’s choir I’m on fire Uncivilized, canonized screams Wandering out of this still day While they prey Running down the hill arms raised We’re crazed, we play Devil’s choir Never tire Restless fire set free Running up the hill we play While they prey Fluttering until it seems safe In case Devil’s choir High on fire Never tire.

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