Rain On Windowpanes by Ian Lewis Copestick

Punk Noir Magazine

Rain On Windowpanes

This is one of those
feelings that I really
love, being inside,
warm, and cozy.
Hearing the rain
hitting the window
pane. I wonder if it’s
something like being
in the womb, there’s such
a feeling of security. The
only thing that is better
is being inside a caravan,
and hearing the weather
batter at your thin walls,
yet knowing you were safe.
It was even better when,
( I’m showing my age now )
there wasn’t any electric ,
and I could faintly smell the Calor
gas, that was powering the
lights. You had to light them
with matches, and if I wanted
to watch T.V. my dad would
hook it up to his car battery.
I know I’m being overly
sentimental, but those times
and the memories mean a
Hell of a lot to me.
They always will.