Just So You Know by Ian Lewis Copestick

Punk Noir Magazine

Just So You Know

Sometimes people say
how grim, and depressing
my poems are. Well, just
so you know…..
Sometimes it gets bad.
I try not to go on about
it, but sometimes I have
to deal with depression.
I won’t say suffer from
it, I don’t like that term.
I can’t stand how people
use it as a badge, as if it’s
all that they are. Or as if it’s
something to be proud of.
As if it proves just how
sensitive they are.
If you look through my 350
published poems, and all of
the unpublished stuff too.
You’ll see that I don’t
mention it very often
In fact, I try not to at all.
But, here you go, I’m telling
you now, I’ll try to make it
just this once.
Sometimes it gets bad, and
yes sometimes I struggle.
I don’t think it makes me a
better writer, and definitely
not a better person, but there
it is, just so you know.
And I don’t think they are
depressing at all, to me
they are hilarious, and I don’t
know how people can fail to
see the humour.
But I’m going to tell you just
this once, just so you know