What A Year by Ian Lewis Copestick

Punk Noir Magazine

What A Year

Well, 2020 won’t soon
be forgotten. On the
whole it’s been an awful
year. The whole world has
been suffering from Covid
19, my father’s been ill
with cancer.
Thank God my dad has been
given the all clear, God knows
when the world will.
It feels like culture is almost
dead too. I can’t remember
the last time I heard a new
record, or read a new novel
that set my mind on fire.
It’s only the unknown poets,
like myself, that give me any
hope to cling to.
Brian Rihlmann,, Judge Santiago
Burdon, Linnet Phoenix, and a
handful of others.
Music seems to me to be dead,
although I hope and I pray that
I will be proved wrong.
Of course there is loads of
absolutely incredible music that
is new to me.
Gunshot, Terry Lynn, 23 Skidoo,
George Jones, Coltrane, and J Dilla too.

I hope the world, ( or the people )
are resting, readying themselves
for a new assault on everything
that’s dull, dead or obviously
And that post-covid there’s going
to be an explosion of creativity,
that after the lockdown we are all
going to break free.
2021 could be the best year ever !