Another New Year’s Eve by Ian Lewis Copestick

Punk Noir Magazine

Another New Year’s Eve

Thank God the clamour, and
false glamour of Xmas is over.
We can start to get back to
normal ( ? ) Massively in debt,
only one more nightmare left
to go through yet.
The bullshit of New Year’s Eve.
Things always go wrong, and
the night you have longed for
all year, always ends up in tears.
Stupid, drunken fights, hysterically
crying women, and the toilets are
constantly swimming in a awful
mixture of puke and piss.
Setting you up for the soon
regretted New Year’s kiss.
You drunkenly paw and proposition
women you hate.
By the time you are sober, it’s far
far too late.
You wake up, hungover.
Hear someone snoring, turn over
you’re heading into the yawning
terrible, terrifying black abyss.
And it all started with a New Year

I think it’s best to stay in with just
a couple of beers, you might miss
the New Year’s cheers, but more
importantly you’ll save yourself
some tears.