Punk Noir Magazine

” You walk out of the station and you don’t go back. Don’t even look back. Get it?”

” Okay I get it, no need to shout”.

He didn’t get it. Not really. Didn’t like the shouting either. Maybe he wasn’t cut out for this line of work. Bit late now to back out. Best pay attention.

” You leave and don’t look back. Act natural. You’ll be being watched that’s for certain”

Watched? For fucks sake. And what about the left luggage compartments?

” What about the left luggage compartments ?”

” For God’s sake Brian what fucking page are you on?!! There are no luggage compartments anymore. Long gone. That was years ago. The job before last. It’s not even the same entrance anymore. There’s this big shopping area thing now. Infact it’s less of a train station than a fucking mall!”

Shopping area? Being watched? This got worse. He’s out off the train with the gear and there’s people hiding in the doorways of Thorntons wanting to bump him off.

” Relax Bri…”

Yeah all chummy now. Bri this, mate that. He knows that if he messes this up then there’ll be no chummy rejoinder, no happy ending, no return journey. That was a point. Did he have a return ticket booked? Was he coming back even?”

” Er I was just wondering where the return bit of my ticket is. ? Can’t see it on the link you sent on my phone. Only a single there…hello….hello , are you there?….”

The line was dead. He tried calling back. Number unavailable. What?!!! He scrolled down, where was Tony’s number? Unavailable. Shit. Colin? Colin will answer. He’ll know. Unavailable. Palms clammy now. Looks down at the holdall. Taxis booked for half past. ” Railway Station please mate”

No turning back now. On track.