Christmas Split Single by Chris Whitehead and K A Laity

Chris Whitehead, K A Laity, Linear Obsessional, Punk Noir Magazine, Richard Sanderson

The Linear Obsessional Christmas Single is the 7th in the series of download singles (2 sides, single length, no music). A split single featuring Northern English sound artist/ musician Chris Whitehead and author, scholar, critic, editor, and arcane artist K.A.Laity

On one side you will hear an electromagnetic recording of Christmas Tree lights cycling through their flashing sequences. The other side is a field recording made on a cold day in Berne, NY featuring “Instructions for Christians” in the original Old English. Download includes two front covers and one back cover designed by David “smallhaus” Little featuring photographs by the artists., and 9 colour location photographs by K.A.Laity

Happy Christmas!


Released December 21, 2020

Side A – Electro-magnetic recording by Chris Whitehead December 2020
Side B – Field recording by K.A.Laity, December 2020

Cover designs by David Little