A Bad Dream by Ian Lewis Copestick

Punk Noir Magazine

A Bad Dream
Last night I had a dream so bad,
that it caused me awful strife.
My ex-girlfriend, 22 years dead,
had suddenly come back to life

She wanted to know if we could start again,
have another go at our lives.
But it’s been nearly18 years since when
I got together with my wife.

I said I couldn’t just forget those times,
and it was her who’d left me.
I’d also buried her, screamed and cried.
I knew that this couldn’t really be.

I know that it was just a dream,
but still it fucking hurt.
After all those years of grief,
to turn away from her.

But, I couldn’t leave my wife,
not after all that we’ve been through.
If it wasn’t for Karen, I doubt I’d be alive
and I know for a fact that’s true.

Not a one of my past lovers,
not that there’s been a lot.
Could make me want another,
other than the girl I’ve gladly got.

Although we’ve had our ups and downs,
it’s not always been a pleasant life.
There’s not another I’d ever want
to be my beloved, darling wife.