Four Poems by J. Travis Grundon

Punk Noir Magazine

J. Travis Grundon is the author of more than 500 short stories, including crime fiction published with Alien Buddha Zine, EconoClash Review, First City Books, and many other anthologies and publications. He is the editor of Hoosier Noir Magazine and several anthologies, including Forrest J Ackerman’s Anthology of the Living Dead. His other work includes two years as an editor and columnist for Rudo Can’t Fail: Lucha Libre and Lucha Culture Worldwide and reviews for Life Along The Wabash. He lives in Indiana. @JTravisGrundon


Thick as thieves

An unspoken rivalry

Lines that should never be crossed

Cleaning product into his drink

Vomiting, diarrhea

A trip to the ER

Attempted murder charges

Nothing will ever be the same.


My chest hurts.

My body feels tingly.

I get dizzy.

Ice is running through my veins.

Shallow breathing.

Heart racing.

I can’t stand up,

I can’t speak.

Pain all over 

I can’t breathe

I throw up.

Walls closing towards me.


Tunnel vision


the building is on fire

no escape.  

Everything is watching


sucking air

Pins and needle.

Pulling the ground from beneath


Santiago got popped a few houses down

A drug deal gone wrong

Some misunderstanding about price

One man was dead

Another at large

All over a bag of ice

My neighbors were all standing around

Their faces aglow with red and blue lights

All of them chomping at the bit

When the pigs were gone

They would loot the house

The Man confiscated the good shit

Poor Santiago was a goner

Bound for Hades

Or the big opium field in the sky

I don’t do drugs

I only smoke weed

And I needed to find a new place to buy


Beats brought back

by Kerouac’s feet

In a car

On the road

Big Sur

Having fun

Have drink

Have another one

A generation of weirdos

Telling stories

with their feet

Grand adventures

Making music

Making love

Writing bad poems

Not going the Hemingway