I Must Be Crazy by Ian Copestick

Punk Noir Magazine

I must be mad,
completely fucking crazy.
If it wasn’t me doing
it, if it was just some
acquaintance of mine
I’d say that they needed help.

Writing out all of
my true feelings !
Baring my soul !
And I don’t even
do it for money !

I’m not clever enough
to be a whore, 
I keep giving it away for 

Letting anyone, and everyone
into secrets that I wouldn’t
write in a diary, or tell my 
best friend.
I’m treating everyone who’s
on fucking Facebook as if
they were my psychiatrist.



That’s not what I’m doing,
or at least that’s not why
I’m doing it.

There is a mental illness,
I can’t remember what it’s
called, where the sufferer
feels compelled to write.
And write, and write.

I don’t think I have it, though.
I’m way too lazy.
But I do feel this compulsion
to write.
And if I don’t bother getting
it published, then how will
I ever make money doing
the thing I love ?

I’ve got one book out there,
and like every other writer
there is, I’ll try to keep on getting
them out there until I make it,
or die trying.

Yes, I’m totally fucking crazy !