4 Poems by Fred Shrum III @fshrum

Punk Noir Magazine


Greed is Good

Greed Is good

But dominance is better

I sign the back of checks

And merger letters

Don’t mess with my profit

And nobody gets hurt

I drink champagne with Lily

And bump lines with Bert

I’ve got this city over my knee

It only took ambition

Get out of your cardboard box

And join the revolution

It’s all legit

I make more in one day than a Dillinger robbery

Tax code has my back

Legitimate business expenses coded properly

The law is on my side

Because I donated politically

Learjet on the tarmac

Takes me where I want to be


Rules For Radicals

I accuse you of the thing I do

Then temper it with a baseball bat

Feed the flames with righteous anger

I burn half the world to save the other half.


Songs of the South

It’s burning like it’s 1863

They say the South will rise again

But I don’t know when

Right now we’re on our knees

Fans the flames in Ferguson

Wave after wave

Charlottesville started as a protest

Then it turned to unrest

Why does an exchange of ideas

Result in multiple deaths

Blame the President in DC

But I live around the corner

It’s my voice on the megaphone

It’s my hand on the torch

It’s my finger on the trigger

Songs of the South

Smack you with an axe handle in the mouth

Get ready for some hospitality

Wear a white robe or a black hoodie


Tommy Gun Blues  (reprint)

I can’t stay in

I can’t get out

My heart is so hard

My tears become draught

Your life is in my hands

But who holds mine

My rivers flow with blood

I am stranded in time

From across the gaping void

The light becomes clear

You realize with a start

There is no time for fear

My life will soon end

It’s a price I must pay

On the road of existence

I turned the wrong way

I will carry my burdens

Like a head in a noose

Just cannot shake

These Tommy Gun Blues

Fred Shrum, III was born near Washington, D.C. and grew up in Florida. He attended the University of South Florida and earned a B.A. in Communication with a minor in Business Administration. He enjoys the beach, music , baseball and all things crime.