3 Beautiful Poems by Yuu Ikeda

Punk Noir Magazine


“Reflection of Loneliness”

Loneliness is reflected

in everything

that I see and feel

Ripples of a cup of coffee

A page of my notebook

that has no words

Dawn through a curtain

The scent of night mist

Shoes dyed in mud

The sound

that I turn pages of a book

My brain

dominated by a glass of brandy

Future that I want to go…

Loneliness is reflected

in everything

that I see and feel


“A Cursed Ruby”

I wear a cursed ruby

It blooms on my ring finger

like blaze swallows every happiness

The cursed ruby

burns my name and existence,


circulates through my blood vessels

I can’t take the ruby off

because of floods of

tears and fears

carved by the crimson

I must wear the cursed ruby always,

lest happiness flows into me,

lest my skin loses passionate pain


“I Love You Because”

I love you

not because

you are a firefly,

but because

you are night

You wrap a firefly softly

lest the light vanishes

You smile at a firefly

lest she feels tension

I love you

not because

you emit light,

but because

you protect light

You spread arms

for a firefly

to sleep safely

You spread velvet mist

for a firefly

to float comfortably

Yuu Ikeda is a Japan based poet.She loves writing, reading mystery novels,and drinking sugary coffee.She writes poetry on her website.https://poetryandcoffeedays.wordpress.com/Her published poems are“On the Bed” in <Nymphs>,“Love? or Death?” in <Sad Girl Review>,“Poetry Drops Like Raindrops Do” in <JMWW>,and more.