4 Poems by Max Thrax

Punk Noir Magazine

NAPLES, 1975

As a boy, Don Gennaro

hunted here–

now the Scampia fields

were broken by pyramids

of concrete and steel,

new housing

for poor mamas

and their scugnizzi.

The architect

called the buildings ‘sails’

but to Don Gennaro

they looked like the altars

of pagans who slaughtered

their young to divine

the future

in their guts.

He thought

of his son Raffaele

with an economics degree

and Lorenzo

who kidnapped a woman

and left her head in


From neither did he feel
any respect.

Max Thrax lives in Boston. His stories and poetry have appeared in Shotgun Honey, Bristol Noir, and Versification. His novella God Is A Killer (Close To The Bone) will be published in May 2022. Find him online at www.maxthrax.com or on Twitter @ThraxMaximilian.