Poems Inspired by Garbage Day by 6 Poets

Punk Noir Magazine

Monday by J. Travis Grundon

Left by the curb
Waste managed
Decomposing compost
Tossed away
Learn and live
To love another day.

6.52am by B F Jones

I scrape the last of
From that one plate
Into the small bag
In which you now live
For a moment or two
Still near, toxic,
But still here
I watch the truck
Take you where
All broken dreams
Rot away

A Man Job by James Lilley

She tells me
As I heave
Bags in the rain
Bin sludge ruining Christmas slippers
Careful glass bottles
Don’t jingle
Wake neighbours
In poor morning light

Untitled by N. B. Turner

I always wait too long
To take out the trash
The rot and the smell
Get so pervasive
I almost don’t notice them.
But others do, so I remind myself
To do it for them.
My own life rots,
But I’ll try to look clean for everyone else.

Untitled by Kirstyn Petras

I have much appreciation for the talent
Of actors playing crowded scenes
In New York city streets.
At the height of summer,
When the sidewalks trap you like night club floors.
As the liquids flow from plastic bags,
And they somehow pretend
That the sticky, sweet scent of rot
Is simply part of fantasy

Scattered on the Concrete by Stephen J. Golds

Taking the garbage

out this morning;

The bag split

spilling dirty, used, wasted things.

Reminding me of you,

and everything

you meant to me.