Your parents would not like me by Marko Antic

Marko Antić, Poetry

Even today, I sometimes think of you
Let’s say I notice a cup on a shelf
Maybe I’ll stumble upon the disk you gave me
They say they will make a sequel to that movie
In life, movies rarely have sequels.

I still don’t have a passport, I swim poorly
And because of my ten, I can’t get too much sun
I don’t even have money
You would not visit Spain and Portugal with me.
Your father, a machom Man, would ask me
Do I have a driver’s license and a car
Did I install gas

“Laying is expensive and the car is much more expensive
I did not inherit it from my parents
But that’s why I have a lot of comics and books
Old coins and a collection of movies
Various miracles. ”

He would look at me sideways like a crazy enthusiast.

Your mother might be interested
Am I religious and do I celebrate saint
I would answer that I believe in love
And that paternal grandfathers
And maternal grandfather
Were partisans
Later they had modest jobs.

The monastery was helped by the maternal great-grandfather
That monastery with sick children
They say I look like a great-grandfather
And that he was a humanist.

She would like to know why college
I don’t push through
Is 6th degree enough for me?
For the money, I would answer
And Sol Bellow is more interesting to read.
There she would secretly cross herself.

If we sometimes think of each other at the same time
You’re probably on the beach
I write in a dim room
Someone else is sending us messages
And there’s not much pathos here
Circumstances divided the cards
And you suffer and play
The best you can do.

Marko Antić was born on October 11th 1980 in Paraćin, Serbia. He is an underground poet and writer.  His work is published in the fanzine “Green Horse” and Serbian and regional poetry and short stories anthologies. Also in Impspired Magazine. Formal education: Bachelor of  Laws