Floyd The Barber by Simon Maltman ~ A Flash Inspired by Nirvana

Punk Noir Magazine

The moon hung over New York City like a bleached copper medallion. Floyd and Dale strode along the side of The Hudson, towards the ancient warehouse.
Dale checked over his shoulder as Floyd rustled in his pocket for his key, then slipped it into the padlock.
“Hey Floyd, how come they call you ‘the barber’ anyway?”
Floyd stepped into the darkness beyond and Dale followed.
The older man’s yellowed teeth glistened dully from out of the blackness. “It’s ‘cause before I cut up a body, I like to scalp ‘em.” He pulled out his bone-handled knife, “Especially rats.”

Simon Maltman is the author of novels, novellas and short stories, released with various publishers. An Amazon Bestseller from Northern Ireland he writes a range of crime fiction thrillers. A regular guest at festivals and events, he is the tour guide for Belfast Noir, and also a well known book reviewer for the likes of UTV and online journals. An established ‘Ulster Noir’ author, he also writes American-set high concept thrillers.

Recent press:

“A terrifically gritty thriller.”

Jo Spain

“A hardboiled neo-noir classic.”

Paul D Brazil

“A mystery noir with a twist ending worthy of Dennis Lehane.”

The Big Thrill