5 Poems by Stefan Dzeparoski

Punk Noir Magazine

March 23, 2016. – New York.

In the room between the walls
Open to the elements an old man was writing
It was a book of his hopes and dreams
Everything that he ever wished for
In the room looking for the candle
Among the cables and wires
Searching for God who has already came
In the room of forgotten lovers
Stitching their lost memories
An old man has cut his eyes
The blood and light one gentle drop after another In the room between the walls of water
An old blind man was cursing his moment
The time of his death has long passed
Forever to be alive in the room of memories
An old man was blind writing
Each letter and each word sounded a new
In the room of screens and cables
Under the sink together with crocodiles
An old man has waited for the dawn
In the room behind the time in distant future.

January 4, 2017. – Belgrade, Serbia.

What does that do to you when you see
Your past like a present
When you hear the birds of exile again
When you smell the fragments of who you might have been Standing at the dawn of a future morning
That has already died
There are treasures to be found
In the past
Now standing with the digitalized future
at the top of my palm
Look how the hills are becoming small again What does that do to you when you see Your past like a present
You must have been the one
That has already died.

Jun 17, 2018. – Naples, Florida

Let me be the river of your mind
To run down your memories
I might not wish them and made them disappear It might be the flood in your eyes
Do not let me be the silent river of your past Roaming like the lion on the streets of Manhattan Let me be the river of your heart
Never to sleep but to run forever
I will not die out of simple cold
Just to be there in your arms
Naked and simple that is what I want to be
Like a river never to repeat myself
Let me be the river of your eyes
We will see the world as no one before
Gates will open and we will run
Together like a lost children from the fields Holding hands among the towers of mighty city How I wish to be your river
To be just to be now and here
Without what was not
Let me be the river of your mind.

July 1, 2018. – Naples, Florida.

The dust is all you see
Human dust is on my shoulders
I can hear the fire burning Thunderstorm is coming
Voices and boots
Guns and gunpowder
On my lips just the taste of it
Who will burn first
Magic bullet is in my heart
It is a silver bullet
I have been living for thousand years You see only dust in my glass eyes
I hear the history that is not repeating
I have given you the fear to walk over You did not wanted
Now we embrace each other
In the night my lizards are loud Celebrations are happening
Guns are firing
Have you seen a silver bullet in my heart It is your blood that makes me alive.

October 1, 2018. – Toronto, Canada

As if nothing has happened
One door closed so hard
With no good bye just with the dream Still alive under the bridge
We danced naked
You laughed and I counted the stars With no trace to return
You ask what is the beginning
There is no ending was my answer One step two steps three steps
How silent is the night
Do you recognize the city
It is the address I do not have
We cried naked
Forgotten dreams and lost lovers Hand in hand
People were calling us a failure
Our dreams bigger and stronger
Soon the dawn will come
We tried not to cry
To catch the burning star.

Short Bio
Stefan Dzeparoski

Stefan is Serbian born, Toronto based internationally acknowledged director and creative producer. He is best known for his interdisciplinary stage practices merging digital and live performance. Stefan’s work has been seen on stages in Europe, Canada and US.
Stefan directed Off-Broadway productions of Wide Awake Hearts by Brendan Gall, (BirdLand Theatre at 59E59 Theaters), and The Birds by Conor McPherson
(BirdLand Theatre at 59E59 Theaters). He is a Director at Toronto’s BirdLand Theatre where he directed works by John Herbert, Rajiv Joseph, Brendan Gall, Conor McPherson. His other selected directing credits among others include After The Fall and The Creation of the the World and Other businesses by Arthur Miller, Roberto Zucco by Bernard Marie Koltes, 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane…
His production of Whoʼs Afraid of Virginia Wolf by Edward Albee was showcased at BITEF festival in Belgrade, Serbia, as a part of New European Directors Showcase. His multimedia project Delete was featured at Prague Quadrennial in 2015.
He was also chosen by Peter Brook for his masterclass at BAM in New York.
Stefan is accomplished educator teaching at University of Alberta, lecturing at University of Toronto, New School for Drama-New York.
Stefan is alumnae of Directors Lab at The Lincoln Center in New York, and fellowship recipient of International Theatre School at University of Edinburgh, Scotland.