5 poems by Chell Navarro

Punk Noir Magazine



I am prescient as a lilac. –G.C. Waldrep


i/ve known you 

since long before i was 



since long after i died


i live as the root

of you


i am beauty

a bud mothers mourn


plant me

a grave that grows


i am delicate

attar of decay  no one can resist


press me 

between leaves of old


poesy    hues of bloom

the blood purple of placenta


stains   i divine under

the full pink moon


remember me as

the lost moon child


i see that i am

the first sign of spring


but short-lived 

drops of dew rest on 


the petals  wish me to be

a fragrant wine




body and blood of

apply for the job you want / not the one you can get


how can it be? i/m not 

the girl 


you marry—


i/m the one 

from the dirty side


end of the bar kinda tracks


who shoots tequila

w/o training wheels


holds the other girls’ hair 

while they puke in a can


not a looker but 

they say: 


she sure can suck cock and keep a secret


I had the holiest of teachers

not what I was headed for


in 3rd grade   i wanted

to be a nun


turned my vanity into

an altar


for the HOLY MARY of god

pray for me now


but Father had other ideas

after organ practice


I guess if you want to go



i/m another type of



what does it matter? i wanted

to be beatified


& then left 

alone  a man underfoot—


i don/t serve i don/t 



in solitude  that/s how i thrive






you leave me




and hollow


like a fevered child



comfort from 

an absent parent


you replaced 

the father


with the occult

lover the velvet hand-


cuffs that hid the key



inside of me

my skin was ripe as


a peach you said

call me Daddy



you said never speak

of this my peach


as you dropped

me bruised and rotting


the seed still



to flesh you said never



of this

I wish I wish I wish




feral girl


it/s not that easy

to figure out someone like her


a whiskey away from a blow-job

or a promise of 


more  did you ever want to figure out what

she might be chasing?


you chase an 8-ball

around the table  eyeing her


from afar  did you ever figure out

it was about love


or lack

of love & not about her


daddy  just someone strong enough to

shield her


from the very thing she succumbs to

the very thing


she tried

to avoid  breaking herself open


she saw you looking her way

missing a shot


the very thing she avoids


first off  a man that for once 

in a life could


protect her from

the very thing you end up doing


giving her

your body and a ride


home but never

a home  the cost just one whiskey




“…the sinister destiny of love without destiny, without future.” 

                                                         –the Count of Villamediana


telling a lie takes a lot

of remembering


you can say you don/t love me

& forget:


that night you walked from downtown to the westside way too drunk with a fistful of stolen lilacs like a proper suitor  only to have me rescue you from yourself  i took you home & fucked you  you said i love you & then puked in a PBR cooler 

dirty martinis waste-water


later you realize—

ask yourself if that was love


the truth lies

in the gut the corner of


the eye like

an opiate loves a spasm


uncontrollable in its flush

of skin & burn


you know love equals death


b/c i told you so

Chell Navarro is the founder and editor-in-chief of Savage Torpor Poetry. She is an advocate for women in recovery from abuse, trauma, and addiction. She is a true punk at heart, living and working the poet’s dream in Kansas City, MO. https://www.stpp.online