2 Poems by Oliver Baer

Punk Noir Magazine

62. Phantom shapes of change

Parade through streets following placard people

Shouting, chanting, mouthing ghostly slogans

We weave passed spectral syllables sailing upwards

Towards steel monoliths, monuments to market virtuality

Numbers crunched, crushing the time we spend together

Data blood spilled by the Barbarossa of more bullish seas

Chronal abnormalities wash over and through us

We are not waving protest signs at each other

But drowning in passive complicity

For there is no grave like the sea of numericity

Where the media’s Flying Dutchman shuttles us

From pixelated cloud to The Cloud of talking heads

Their crooked tendril phalanges beckoning 

Telling us of the change that will befall us

We look at each other with mannequin stares and sigh,

No change is why we live… 


79. An empty room

An unmade bed

Clothes strewn about the floor

This elephant’s graveyard of memories haunts me

It’s been so long since we were like this

I’m convinced it’s from someone else’s story

Lost in the eons of time

Only to be stumbled upon

While looking for the fountain of youth

Our bodies sunken continents to each other

Rising from the ocean of touch

A city of gold shining in the middle of the desert

We whisper breathlessly

Sand shifting over syllables

The skeletal remains of words that use to excite us

Laundry folded and put away in the drawer

We lie on the bed with hospital corners

The room filled with us

Oliver Baer does many things. He was the editor of Cthulhu Sex Magazine and Two Backed Books. His poetry has appeared in Goodreads Best Poems 2020, Birds Fall Silent in the Mechanical Sea, The Brooklyn Rail, Boog City, Literary Yard, Cthulhu Sex Magazine, Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase Vol. II and other publications. His book of poetry and photographs, Baer Soul, came out in 2011. His CD of poetry set to music, Gathering Souls, which came out in 2013, spawned the show A Conclave of Baer. His epistolary novel, Letters to the Editor of Cthulhu Sex Magazine, was published in October 2019. His short stories have appeared in Goodreads Best Short Stories 2019, April Grey’s anthologies and others. His essays have been on blogs as well as books. He has appeared as an indescribable horror from the depths, sometimes with a light saber, and his likeness has appeared on tv and film while his voice has been heard on internet radio. He is visible using the virtual spectrum of social media by following him on Twitter https://twitter.com/obaer and/or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/obaer3Much of his work can be found at http://tentacularity.wordpress.com