3 Poems by Jon Bennett

Punk Noir Magazine


The nut job always leaves the stove on 

and it fills our building with gas 

We’ve tried to evict him 

but he lives with his frail mother 

it’s Section 8 

and if they get kicked out 

that’ll be it for them 

On top of the gas 

the mom chain smokes 

and it sets off the fire alarm 

over and over 

One day I can’t take it 

I pound on the door 

“Tell your mom  

to stop smoking!” I cry 

He opens the door 

it’s the first time  

I’ve seen inside 

The furnishings consist of 

a ski slope of trash 

from floor to ceiling 

no bed, no chairs 

“It’s the roaches,” says the nut job, 

“they’ve climbed inside  

the smoke detector, it has 

happened before.” 

He seems reasonable 

“We better disconnect it,” I say 

which in hindsight 

may not have been the best idea 

Inside his mom lights 

one cigarette after another 

from the leaky gas range 

but it’s okay 

They live on the 1st floor 

while I live on the 5th 

and so I figure 

I should have time 

to escape  

the flames. –

Soft Opening


Women are the arid fields 

of my farmerdom 

and require too much tilling 

I may change sides 

Up on Polk Street 

“Giuseppe’s Powder Keg”  

is one of the new  

Louis XIV wig joints 

The men favor rouge over leather 

and either smell unwashed 

or like flight attendants 

Giuseppe himself is carved 

of talcum and soap 

a Roman God 

and I’m telling you 

I could be convinced  

by his 

soft opening.

My Trophy


I had one trophy 

silver, 2nd place 

I won it by default 

someone got disqualified 

In America, childhood 

is be built on trophies 

the shiny men with the bats, 

bowling balls, footballs 

I did have other trophies, though 

my own trophies 

The silver for finding  

mom’s oxycodone 

the bronze for jerking off 

and a gold for the holes 

punched in the wall 

It’s true, I had only one 

real trophy 

but it followed me for years 

looking down 

gathering dust.

Jon Bennett writes and plays music in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. You can find his music on most streaming websites, and can find him at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100067752415341 andhttps://jonbennettwebsite.wixsite.com/jonbennett/poetry.