Alls well that ends well by Wallace Barker


sorry I was watching a shakespeare

movie that uses the original language

on a snow day and we may never be safe

to go outside again there may never be


wine or movies and robot servants

will provide tea in the afternoon

I’ll never see a lace dress on the lawn

that white dress against green grass


Olivia waved but was walking away

and I followed but what happened next

is a verdict on us both


confused servant robots think

they’re human they don’t understand

why they have an irresistible

compulsion to serve people


gutter punks and staggered vagrants

guitars playing music on the lawn

smoking cigarettes at noon 

in a shakespeare movie



Wallace Barker lives in Austin, Texas. He has been published in Neutral Spaces Magazine, Reality Hands, Misery Tourism and Expat Press. More of his work can be found at