Aunt Betsy x2 by Marc Isaac Potter

Flash Fiction

…   It is less scary, and that makes it more frightening.  No one knows why.  My brethren are without reason.   I could have asked for something else, a soufflé, a baloney sandwich, or a piano – none would have been granted, not out of disrespect, but because such a subterranean family simply could not provide such things, so I did not request them.   …  They offered me a biscuit – quite good if you both close your eyes and also imagine that your surgical dentist is close by.


Aunt Betsy never hit me.  …  There were times when her husband – whom we were required to call “grandfather” – confusing everyone and everything since we already had quite a large slew of Grandfathers and grandfatherly types as well.  …   Under my breath, I called him Grandfather Betsy.    


Extremely crowded, that is it.   Elbows like rabbits at an Easter bunny convention.


Grandfather Betsy swung his belt in a different way than some of the other grandfathers.  His swing of the belt was more vicious, more like rape; a child of 11 years should not know that … should not be that familiar with rape.    Grandfather Betsy had of course been running for an important county office.  Days after that particular beating …  I cannot say that bad breath saved the election, Grandpa did give a local fishermen crew an extra week’s pay to stand near the opposing candidate.   That man’s campaign soon caved, however, we do not know to what that caving shall be counted.   Grandfather Betsy won by an avalanche and then some.


And now of course everything is even more impossible.    Our sheep, goats, dogs, and mouser cats attempt to sleep, they attempt to avoid his newfound arrogance.  The sheep tell me they dream of endless sleep, the longest sleep ever known, in a rich, vibrant, lush brown desert.  

Marc Isaac Potter aka Marc Isaax Potter  (they/them) …is a differently-abled writer living in the SF Bay Area.  Marc’s interests include blogging by email and Zen.  Since 2001, Marc has produced a TV Talk show at the Community Access level; the show is called In Our Community. His Twitter handle is @marcisaacpotter.