3 poems by Moshkur Ajikobi

Punk Noir Magazine


Life will get to a point that the sun will hide

under the blue sky. Nothingness of the night

will enclose the moon. Those who promised

you heaven and the earth will disappear

like the smoke of cigarettes in the

thin air. You will wonder, while

you wander in their broken promises,

if anything at all in life is real.

You will be left alone with your

palms and the lines therein.


you ask me where I come from

i tell you a perilous jungle where

men are easy targets for bullets to

travel wide their intestines & pancreas

posters of missing preys are resting

cosily on non effectual electricity poles

hunger becomes the daily bread you

bring to the table as a breadwinner

& i tell you again it’s a godforsaken labyrinth

where darkness leads you to your burial chamber


In a decent borderland,

Indecent brothers landed

With cars, carrying guns while dawn has gone.

What can a man do with just a candle?

We live on the border, must we have to bother?

To them, we smuggle even a small glue.

Households were hold hostages

including the old, aged, women and we men.

They took our rice before the sunrise.

Moshkur Ajikobi (fondly called P-Seven) is a student of English language in Lagos State University. His work appears in MuslimChannels.TV iBLOG. He has published numerous ebooks (anthologies and short stories). He is the brain behind Rub Bitch With P-Seven, a free weekly newsletter. Find him on twitter as @almoshkur and Instagram @peeseven20