Remembering you. by Wayne Jermin


Remembering you is easy

I just look at my scars

One look in the mirror 

And all the violence comes screaming back.

Some I caused myself

When I tried to escape my nightmare 

When I tried to escape you.

You brought me back to life

For your own selfish needs

Just so you could beat me more

Hurt me more, scar me more.

I watched you collapse in the kitchen

A normal Sunday afternoon.

You begged me for my help

Scratching at the floor tiles

But you had tied me to the radiator

Only hours before.

I watched your last breath leave your body

Your fat chest stop beating

Your beady eyes turn black and lifeless.

It was a heart attack that killed you

Ironic for someone so evil.

Remembering you is easy

Forgetting you is impossible. 

Wayne is 36 years old. A husband and father from Swansea, Wales. He started writing poetry a few years ago to help with his mental health. He’s always enjoyed poetry and writes almost every day. It’s helped him through some dark times and finds writing down those thoughts really helps his state of mind. You can find Wayne and his work on twitter @waynejermin