Warning Signs by Mark McConville

Punk Noir Magazine

I narrowly escaped your grasp 

A potent hand of disaster

This is not a dream or a much-loved snapshot 

It is hell on earth. 

I am bitterly disappointed in myself 

For losing the will and dropping the page 

Of reason into the fire that burns in my eyes

And on the heartland 

A harsh land where the heartless roam 

And nip at the travellers who crave to be 

In peace. 

You are one of the heartless souls 

Crafting dark magic and punching holes,

In paper-thin walls in a cold house where,

Psychopaths occupy the rooms and the corridors

They are nonbelievers, masterful weavers, 

Of hatred. 

This drug owns my life 

You said it would calm me

And increase my stride to a promised land,

Where optimism would rail against the grain 

Of sincerity and block out every sinew of pain. 

I am not a master of my own destiny 

You heard me speak honestly 

About the trappings I feel 

The walls in a dusty apartment 

Melting into me and shrouding out my desires. 

This gold ring means nothing to you or me 

It was a statement, at some point in our lives 

We had an understanding 

An innocent conversation regarding love 

It is now closed behind lies and profanity. 

I cannot sense a revolution or a spark of truth,

All I feel in my heart is loss and jolted blood

A myriad of dark thoughts fills my mind, 

And your face keeps me sick to my stomach 

Though it is art, clearly photogenic, 

It draws out warning signs. 

And this is it 

A swan song moment 

Where dreams ignite memories 

And when your taste evaporates from my 


Mark McConville is a freelance music journalist from Scotland who has written for many online and print publications. He also likes to write dark fiction and his poetry chapbook Lyrics From The Chamber will be released by Close To The Bone in August 2021.