2 Poems from the Heart by Ian Copestick

Punk Noir Magazine

My Depressing Hands

My hands
depress the
Hell out of me.
I avoid mirrors,
so I can quite
easily forget
how old I am,
but then I will
notice my hands.
They are covered
in old man skin,
and just looking
at them you can
tell that they are
the hands of an
old man. You
don’t get skin
like this until
you are at least
45 years old.

Maybe I’ll start
wearing gloves.

Ive Been Ill

I’ve been
really ill
all week.
I woke up
and I just
couldn’t stop

Then the
started. Then
the diarrhoea,
It’s now 11 pm
on Wednesday,
and I’ve only just
managed to
hold down a
cheese sandwich.
That’s all I have
eaten this week.

But, I’ll tell you
something, it’s
made me
think about
some things.
I blocked a
load of people
on Facebook.
I thought why
would I want
to converse
with these people
I’ve got nothing
in common with.

It was sheer
loneliness. I’m
beginning to look,
and think about
things in a
different way.
I suppose that I am
coming to my
senses, coming
up for air after
being underwater
for 5 weeks.

I should
that my wife
died 5 weeks

I feel better,
I feel cleansed.
I’ve got rid of
a hell of a lot
of puke, and
shit, and I’ve
been ill too.